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Becoming a Digital Disrupter

Identity/Strategy / 21 Sep 2016 / By Ian Cohen

In this so-called digital age, strong leadership has never been more vital.  Leadership is about many things, but at the core it is about creating a clear vision, setting a unifying direction and galvanizing people behind a common goal.  All great leaders do this and given that perspective, ‘leadership is the digital age’ is essential for every organization. 

However, this is not something for an individual.  This type of leadership is the responsibility of everyone in the firm. Just as no single individual in a firm can own digital, so no single individual should be expected to lead on their own. The journey is collective and so is the outcome.

More importantly, there is no single blueprint for this journey.  If there was, we’d just pay consultants a ton of money and we’d all be there.  No, everyone’s digital journey is different and will depend on the nature of that business; its culture, behaviours, markets, products, services, technologies, customers and the like.  There may be similarities between firms that should be considered, but surely you don't want to be like everyone else?  No, your journey is different, unique to you, and with the right skills, should be led by your people.  Indeed, that’s why at the LEF we are research focused.  We provide our clients with empirical data and real-world examples from recognized practitioners so that they can build their own, unique journeys.

What is digital leadership?

And that’s where ‘Digital Business Leaders’ (DBLs) come in, creating and facilitating the connections and dialogues across all parts of the firm, understanding and building your journey from the perspective of each part of your enterprise.  If traditional business relationship management (BRM) was about alignment, this is about much more. This is about creating an adaptive and responsive organization that is connected, collaborative, insight-led and empowered.  This is about making everyone a ‘leader for the digital age’.  


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