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Business Relationship Managers add Digital Business Leadership to their toolkit

Assets/Capabilities / 21 Jul 2016 / By Mike Bowden

Here at the LEF we have been thinking through how the discipline of Business Relationship Management (BRM) is changing and will change in the future.  We believe that many or most traditional BRMs will need to add Digital Business Leadership skills into their toolkit.

BRM roles with a high ‘DBL requirement’ will be those embedded with other parts of the enterprise (for example, the executive committee, marketing, product development or supply chain) focused on reengineering the business model, product and service offering or the internal business processes with technology from ‘the Matrix’.

In the past, much of our BRM training and advisory work for clients has concentrated on developing personal power and influence in attendees and an understanding of personality types and organizational politics.

While we think these skills will continue to be very important to BRM/DBL success, we now want to add new themes. In particular:

  1. Creating Value through Technology Strategy. This includes how to define and create value, combining technology and business strategies, and how to architect your technology platforms for success.
  2. How to become a Digital Disrupter.  This includes how to create a digital matrix for your industry and enterprise, what actions a DBL should take once they have the matrix, and what skills are required to work in the matrix.

We will be ready to give this training to existing and new clients from August onwards and will showcase a summary at an event in the UK later in the year or webcasts in Europe and the US.


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