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Playing Digital – Digital Leadership Playing Cards

The LEF has identified four main roles that Enterprise IT plays in large organizations.  The specific challenges and opportunities within each role have been mapped to one of the four card suits as described below.

Digital Leadership Playing Cards

Each card represents a possible digital ‘play' or initiative to advance the use of IT in your organization:

  • Spades: Peers – Work at the CXO level to shape the digital strategy and value proposition of the firm.
  • Hearts: Partners – Advise/direct the use of IT to support the business change agenda.
  • Diamonds: Promoters – Advocate how new technologies can improve the firm’s speed, agility, productivity and innovation advantage.  
  • Clubs: Providers – Supply the services that the firm requires, with the emphasis on reliability, efficiency and compliance.

The higher the card value the more powerful the play. Although these cards are designed to be used in our Digital Leadership Development and/or Business/IT Relationship Management workshops, companies can easily use the cards for themselves to spur a lively discussion about the role of digital technology in their organizations.



Pack of Playing Cards

PDF (1.7 MB)