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Developing Personal Power – A Key Concept for Effective Business Relationship Management (BRM)

Value Centric Leadership / 03 Oct 2016 / By Robina Chatham

The concept of Personal Power is often misunderstood.  I would like to clarify upfront what it isn’t.  It is not about beating your chest and saying “look at me, how great I am”.  It is about confidence, inner strength and tenacity.  It is about visibility whilst maintaining authenticity.  It is about political acumen whilst maintaining honesty and integrity.  It is about assertiveness but not arrogance.  It is about being firm and persistent, but also fair.  It is about building upon the ideas of others rather than knocking them.  It is about ‘walking the walk’ rather than ‘talking the talk’.

Personal Power

A Business Relationship Manager (BRM) who has attained Personal Power will have the gravitas and charisma needed to build alliances and make a real difference both inside and outside their organization.  The core capabilities that Personal Power builds on are:

  • Triple-deep skills – that is, Digital IQ, Business IQ and Emotional Intelligence (EQ):  These are a prerequisite to success as a BRM at any level.  BRMs need to understand and be able to articulate succinctly the ambitions, strategy and challenges of their organizations.  They need to understand the business processes and how to ‘work’ the organizational culture.  BRMs are not expected to be ‘techies’ but they do need to be IT literate, to have sufficient appreciation to ascertain if it ‘smells right’ and to have credibility in the eyes of their IT colleagues.  More crucially, they need to understand the technological possibilities and what ‘digital’ could mean for their organization.  BRMs need exceptional interpersonal skills and EQ – that is, self-awareness, empathy towards others, the ability to manage one’s emotions, optimism, self-motivation and social skill.
  • Drive, initiative, curiosity and outside-in thinking:  This is about seeking out new knowledge and understanding, being open to new experiences and getting excited about the novel and the different.  It is about seeing new possibilities and taking those ideas forward.  In today’s environment, this means being much more outside-in, keeping pace with the extraordinary innovations in the cloud and technological advances and bringing those nuggets of wisdom from the outside in.
  • Courage and confidence:  This is about a willingness to face the unknown, to exercise sound judgement and be prepared to take entrepreneurial risks.  It is about demonstrating leadership in difficult situations, where there are no right answers or objective tests.


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