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Falling Off the Radar

Presented on 14 May 2015 at the LEF Executive Forum, Washington, USA.

Digital disruptions and digital leadership are the talk of the IT industry. But how important are these changes, and to what extent will current industry leaders be affected?

Today, virtually every industry faces potential disruption from new competitors such as Uber, Kickstarter, Bitcoin and Airbnb, as well as new technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, MOOCs, self-driving cars, DIY healthcare, drones, mobile payments, and the internet of things.

In this jam-packed one-day event, pioneering CIOs, prominent digital strategists, and LEF researchers will assess and demonstrate the state of disruptive change today, with a particular focus on new forms of digital leadership for what will be exciting but uncertain times.

Our Executive Forums are open to Senior Business/IT Leaders from large organizations.


01 David Reid – Introduction

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