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Mapping #4: From ad-hoc to strategic learning

Today, it has become clear that no single person can understand the entire environment of any organisation. It is a fact that no competitive advantage lasts forever, and that has never been more apparent. Even the giant tech companies face fierce competition, and must constantly innovate to stay afloat.

In a world full of changes, decentralisation is a must. Decisions must be delegated, and taken as quickly as possible. This brings its own set of problems... How to coordinate efforts? How to communicate effectively? How to leverage the knowledge the organisation has?

From Ad-hoc to Strategic Learning examines the current state of organisational learning. It shows the importance of formal and informal learning systems, and the pitfalls associated with learning. This paper outlines a framework that changes the way an organisation can manage its knowledge, discover more opportunities that may become future competitive advantages, and enable you to get ahead and stay ahead

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