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Top Six Outside-in Business Relationship Management (BRM) Skill Requirements – Who Has Them?

Assets/Capabilities / 15 Sep 2015 / By Kirt Mead

Based on our practical BRM training and research over the last decade, we have identified the top six outside-in skill requirements which IT organizations need to develop in their BRMs to be able to play.

IT can no longer simply dictate technology decisions

This is based on the expanded internal and external role of a BRM where technology action is shifting to the outside of the firewall and IT can no longer simply dictate technology decisions (for more on Outside-in access a Summary).

BRMs must learn to influence business colleagues towards appropriate choices by working on the following fundamental skills:

  • Relationship and ‘soft’ skills – The ability to build empathy and trust with key players so that the BRM is ‘in the loop’ and included in early meetings inside and outside of the firm.
  • Fingertip feel’ for the ecosystem – Understanding how the ecosystem and its service options are evolving and which capabilities are important, both for the firm and its partners.
  • Technology understanding – Instinctive feel for what emerging technologies are likely to prove most important and how they will affect the overall ecosystem.
  • Business understanding – Deep understanding of how the firm and its partners make money and how IT can threaten or strengthen competitive positions.
  • Political understanding – Knowing how to get things done both inside and outside of the firm where there are few rules and many large egos.
  • ‘Personal power’ – The ability to be effective and influential in fluid situations where strategies are evolving and competitive tensions are often present.
We coach, inspire and guide our clients through experiential learning journeys with proven results.

Combining the above skills is a challenge but we know that with carefully planned diagnostic assessments and training, organizations can realize real value from BRM.  Using a team of former CIOs and senior consulting partners, the LEF provide peerless services to clients in firstly assessing and then building the portfolio of skills required.  We coach, inspire and guide our clients through experiential learning journeys with proven results.

For more details on our BRM diagnostic assessments, workshops and advisory, please contact Kate Taylor


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